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Our additional processing methods allow us to implement the wishes of our customers even faster and more flexibly.

By sawing, milling and turning electrodes can be produced directly on our premises without detours and components and panel materials can be given perfect surfaces by flat grinding and glass bead blasting.


With our glass bead blasting machine from Normfinish we clean and refine our products and components on customer order.
The blasting medium glass with a grain size of 70 - 110 µm produces extremely pure and fine surfaces on steel and many non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass and copper without attacking or damaging them.
The perfect complement to erosion for visually highly convincing results and the final touch.

On our surface grinding machine from Elb, we grind soft and hardened workpieces up to a size of 400 mm x 200 mm and a maximum height of 200 mm flat and with high surface quality.



On our milling machine DECKEL FP2, electrodes for die-sinking EDM machining of copper and smaller components made of soft materials are produced quickly and precisely for customer orders and for our own use. When things have to be done quickly, electrode design, electrode production and subsequent die-sinking EDM machining meet at our company in the shortest possible time.

A working area of 300 mm x 700 mm and maximum uninterrupted travel of 400 mm x 200 mm is available for this purpose. The maximum workpiece height here is 200 mm


On our conventional lathe Weiler Praktikant, we manufacture electrodes made of graphite and copper for our own use and small-format turned parts on customer request.


On our automatic band saw HBS 265 from Klaeger we assemble raw material (bars or blocks) for our own use or on behalf of our customers.

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