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The responsible use of resources and the global minimization of waste products is more important today than ever if we want to preserve our habitat for future generations.

esm obtains 100% green electricity from German hydropower.

Since 2013, we have covered 100% of our electricity requirements from renewable energy sources, thus avoiding effective CO2 emissions of over 80 metric tons per year.

We therefore decided when planning our production site to operate the building as energy-efficiently as possible in the future.
An air heat pump coupled with extremely efficient concrete core activation heats the building in winter and cools it in summer. In addition, all luminaires in the building were installed as LED luminaires.

The production-related waste products such as metal scrap, filter cartridges, resins and waste oils etc. are disposed of in accordance with the regulations and fed into the recycling cycle.

Since 2018, disposable plastic bottles have been consistently avoided at esm.

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