sinking erosion

Using die-sinking EDM, we process all electrically conductive materials completely detached from their initial hardness with the latest electrode materials in innovative dielectrics on our 3 die-sinking EDM systems. Complex structures and any imaginable shape geometry can be reproduced accurately with this process. Since virtually no machining forces act on the workpiece, even the finest webs and narrow, deep cavities can be realized. All our die-sinking EDM machines are equipped with a tool changer for automated processes and high process reliability even during night runs. Since April 2019 we have been manufacturing in fully air-conditioned production areas for maximum precision of our products.


CU electrode

Complex CU electrode for medical technology completely wire eroded by esm.


3D bending stamps

3D bending stamp upper and lower part with 3D graphite electrodes eroded vertically.


konische CU-Elektrode

CU electrode for medical technology with demoulding cones.

3 die-sinking EDM systems


- Automated electrode changer  (4x, 15x and 20x)

- Working area 1000 mm x 700 mm x 500 mm- Traverse paths 600 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm

- Electrode materials graphite and copper

- Electrode production copper directly at esm

- Workable materials: Hardened and soft steels, carbide, non-ferrous metals, titanium, and many more

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