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drilling erosion

Using erosive drilling technology, we drill miniature holes and starting holes for wire erosion from diameter 0.4 mm to 3.1 mm in all electrically conductive materials, including solid carbide, regardless of their hardness.

Thanks to state-of-the-art CNC control, even entire drilling patterns with complex geometries can be produced and stored. High-precision and reproducible over and over again.

We remove taps, thread formers or screws that have been torn off during production extremely quickly and cost-effectively without damaging the workpiece.
Drill erosion is also the method of choice for the production of ventilation and degassing holes, flushing holes and lubrication holes.

Platte 0,40 mm


smallest drill holes

Drillings from
Ø 0,4 - 3,1 mm



2 drill erosion plants

complex drilling patterns fully automatically reproducible



maximum drilling depth

Drilling depths up to 250 mm
at 1.0 mm in the bore diameter.

Our services in focus:

2 Drill erosion machines

Working area 800 mm x 550 mm x 330 mm
Travel 200 mm x 300 mm
CNC control and storage of drilling patterns
Drill holes from 0.4 mm to 3.1 mm diameter

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