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By wire erosion we process all electrically conductive materials completely detached from their initial hardness with our standard wire diameter of 250 µm on 5 wire erosion machines of the latest generation. This results in exact cylindrical and conical control geometries with accuracies of up to +/- 0.003 mm.

Whether complex contours, maximum conics, different cutting heights and gear profiles - no problem for us.

Since no machining forces act directly on the workpiece, the finest webs and walls are possible. The automated wire threading and camera-monitored machines enable night runs and self-sufficient processing of your precision components in highest quality, absolutely on schedule and reliable.


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Conic processing

Aluminium component with various conical and cylindrical control surfaces.



maximum cutting height

Steel component with toothing according to DIN 5480.
Cutting height: 295 mm



thinnest bridges

Template 0.4 mm made of 1.4301 with decreasing web widths of
1,0 mm to 0,03 mm

Our services in focus:

- 5 wire EDM machines with automatic wire threading in the cutting gap
- Working area 900 mm x 700 mm x 300 mm
- Travel 500 mm x 350 mm
- Maximum cutting height 295 mm
- conicity up to +/- 30 degrees
- Surfaces up to Ra 0.04 µm
- Processing of all common data formats

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